“Taking headshots can be quite intimidating and uncomfortable. You are your product and you’re trying your best to sell your product. That’s some heavy pressure! Peter takes his time to help you find your comfort zone and his background in theater really helps you to find some honest moments (hard to capture eye to eye with a lens). I will definitely use him again!” 

- Janelle Velasquez (Younger, 90210, Awkward, Here Lies Love)

"My new headshots from Peter Carrier have given me a level of confidence when walking into auditions that I've never had before. I used to worry that, even if I'd given a good audition, my headshot might hold me back from getting a callback or a job because it didn't really look like me. The first thing my colleagues have said about my new headshots has been precisely that they DO look like me. Peter is expert not only at making you look good, but at making you look like YOU."

- Brian Michael Henry (Westchester B'Way Theatre, Bristol Riverside Theatre, Ivoryton Playhouse)


"Yes! Nailed it!! You are amazing. Thank you so much for these!!! I'm beyond happy with how they came out!!"

- Jared Mancuso (Arizona Broadway Theatre, Palace Theatre)


"Shooting with Peter was a wonderful experience! He's great at giving direction, both technically (chin down, relax your mouth, etc.) and also emotionally (a character to play, or an idea he wants to come across in your eyes). I ended up with so many shots that I'm having trouble narrowing it down to just a few!"

- Claire Epstein (UCB, The Flama)


"This shot is THE ONE. BOOM.  It's beautiful. Peter, this is by far the best *expletive* headshot I've ever had taken. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."

- Leah Gabriel (Titan Theatre Company, Cortland Rep)


"I had a great time doing headhots with Peter Carrier Photography. Peter was warm and professional from beginning to end. It was my most relaxed photographic experience to date and this was evident in the photographs. The proofs came back incredibly fast and I was so pleased with the number of usable shots! The lighting was flattering and he retouched with a light hand, so I know that when I go to calls I will actually look like the diva on the back of my resume!"

- Jasmin Norwood (Arden Theatre, Ibecile d'Amour)