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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my headshot session?

Think about what you want your headshots to say about you, and what kind of parts you want to be called in for. Think about your last headshots: what worked and what didn't? Ask your friends and your representation what they'd like to see. I also dedicated a whole blog post to this topic so check it out. The night before our shoot, moisturize, stay away from drinking, and get plenty of sleep.

What should I wear in my headshot session?

It really depends on your type, but my main advice is to bring plenty of options! Bring at least two or three options per look, and then we'll narrow it down together. In general, matching your shirts to your eye color is always a smart bet, as is staying away from loud or busy patterns. For men, layering is the name of the game. Very loose-fitting clothing doesn't tend to read well on-camera. But above all, the most important thing is to choose clothes that feel like you.

Where will my shoot take place?

I shoot in Franklin Village, Los Angeles, near Hollywood. 

Should I hire a makeup artist? 

If it's within your budget, YES. We can all use a little extra help in the hair and makeup department, and the makeup artists that I work with all know how I work, and how to match my aesthetic. They'll also stay with you throughout the shoot, giving you touch-ups and acting as my second set of eyes. I have several very skilled makeup artists available for our session. I recommend that both men and women use hair and makeup artists.

How many shots will I get to choose from?

You'll receive approximately 100-150 shots from which to select the images for me to retouch.   

How quickly will I get my shots?

You will receive a link to all of your shots within five days. Your next step is to choose which shot(s) you want me to retouch. I'll then email you your retouched photo(s) within another week. (And please check out my blog post on retouching, which addresses a few common misconceptions!)

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